Mobile Gold Testing Services from anywhere

You can hire our mobile mineral testing services anywhere for testing precious minerals such as gold and diamond,

XRF Gold Testing Machines

Our portable gold testing equipment comes to the rescue, which will analyze your material quickly, efficiently, and without unnecessary body movements. It is a technology that you can safely trust and be sure that your product’s quality is appropriate. Certified by The Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI)


Are you tired of generic answers for your unique logistics challenges?

Get custom logistics solutions with the creativity you have been searching for in Uganda.

Our warehousing services are known in Uganda to be one of the most reliable, safe, and affordable, and it is because we take pride in delivering the best warehousing services at the most reasonable prices you can afford.

Best in Class of Customs Clearing in Uganda and East Africa!

There are numerous kinds of goods and products that are restricted and their usage is prohibited in a given country, and therefore it is wise that you contact us for details before you import anything.

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Our customized warehouse management system allows smooth management of stock and enables warehouse management to become more efficient.

With big volumes of cargo and trustworthiness in the industry, we are capable of negotiating the best and most affordable rates from service providers, like shipping lines, airlines, trucking companies, and railway companies. Therefore, our prices are ever less than any of our competitors! and that’s 100% guaranteed.

Federal Logistics Uganda, We have your best prices, reliability, and value of money to satisfy all your cargo handling needs. This is an excellent way of cutting overall costs and improving your company’s profitability.

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Federal Logistics is a privately owned customs clearing and freight forwarding agent based in Kampala, Uganda. We also handle clearing and forwarding of freight in other cities and major regional ports like Mombasa - Kenya, Malaba – Kenya, Mutukula – Tanzania, Katuna / Gatuna – Rwanda, South Sudan, Goma – D.R. Congo, and Burundi. We have built a lengthy network of partnerships both regionally and internationally which has enabled us to provide imports and export freight clearing at all major ports and border points in East Africa. Precisely, regardless of the location where you want to import or export your cargo, we will handle it effortlessly.

Control Exceptions at Early Stages

With Best Freight Forwarder

You will manage uncertainty in freight forwarding and serve your internal customers swiftly. With federal logistics digital advantage, you get control with high visibility.

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Our flexibility and open-door policy suit specific industry needs while our international network enables us to provide competitive rates and custom-made service solutions for you.

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